Midea MSE 07HR codes

There are following codes uploaded for the device Midea MSE 07HR.

You can download them directly from the irRemote. If you want to transfer them manually to your phone, then please use the appropiate link below to pick the file

Author: Anonymous
Downloads: 533
Rank: 41
These files will only work with the newest version of IrRemote

This is a reconstruction of the original site as the company Psiloc went out of business und their servers are down. The sole purpose of this site is to enable existing users to be able to continue to use the software they paid for.
You can redirect the webservices of the application on your phone to this site, this is described in this article as well as other technical details. I wasn't able to fully reconstruct the database, if you have database and ir file dumps available to extend the DB, as well as for all other questions, please feel free to contact me.
Thanks to Lehel B. for providing further dumps of the irremote DB to extend the site.